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The POSITIVES of a Pool:

  • They are a huge asset to any family and home.
  • Allow a place to exercise on “your” time.
  • Increase the value of our homes.
  • Create a gathering place for loved ones to spend quality time.
  • Offer a refreshing place to go on a hot day.
  • Hours of fun good clean fun, right out your back door.


They are not without NEGATIVES:

  • Throwing away money trying to chemically balance your pool
  • Hours wasted brushing the walls and vacuuming the pool
  • Money repairing pool equipment that could have been avoided with proper care
  • All the stress pool maintenance can create.
  • Doctor bills when your kids get a rash from too much chlorine (or worse)


Jayhawkers not only gives you the peace of mind your pool is safe at any given moment but also that your pool and its equipment are well taken care of. We would like to take away all the Negatives of owning a pool and just leave you with all the POSITIVES. Life is too short we want you to enjoy every minute of spare time you can..


We feel that one of the most important, yet complex elements to a healthy pool is the water chemistry please click here to read more. (provided by the Division of Environmental Health)

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